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Hi all! 

What types of lure have you found certain types of fish go for? I have found Zander definitely like yellow or pale colours. Perch seem to like white or black. Or do these predators just snap at anything? I guess water colouration and light levels can make a difference too. 

Also, has anyone caught Chub on lures out of our canal stretches at all? and if you have, what sort of lures attract them? The only time I have caught them was the Kennet and Avon canal near Bath on a mepps type spinner years ago. It was a surprise to say the least! 



Hi Rich. I find any colours catch any fish depending on the day. Some days one colour works better than another but on another day the opposite is true.
Up until now the only chub that I know of was caught by Vidar Thomassen at one of the Radford locks. Today we introduced some 5-6 inch chub either side of Welsh Road lock. I've caught chub on many different lures. I couldn't say one works better than another.

What a great initiative to stock Chub (and the other silver fish) into the LACC waters, really forward thinking stuff.

I used to fish the River Wreake in Leicestershire some 25 years ago, and would catch Chub on smallish crankbaits in the Summer.


Since I replied there have been some more catches of chub. One was on the Warwick section and one catch and one loss on the new South Stratford section. All are 3lb +.

Caught on lures? Even if they are not that's good to hear! :) 

Yep its great to hear about the stocking of silvers and chublets. Keep up the good work! 

Cheers for the info guys...


First decent Chub I ever saw (some 33 years ago) weighed in at 3.5lbs came from the Upper Welland and took a 4oz Dace on a full snap tackle.  I've never forgotten that fish, it seemed huge way back then and what a huge appetite too!

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