Honey spots

i have several times tried several spots but just don't seem to have the luck blanked more times than catching.

would appreciate a some tips please fella,s just so I can catch and enjoy my day. 

First tip I'd say is to look for any features you can find.  Under the water features are even better if you can find them, depth, structure and weedbeds.  Don't get too despondent - overhanging tree's are good but the Zeds turn up all over the place.  Use a very light but balanced outfit, very light jighead - no more than 5g, a matching 2inch jig etc, all of which will get more hits.  Don't ever forget towpath-trolling a very small crankbait just off the inside shelf either, a very good way to find a fish or two!

To be honest I did actually ask a similar question some months ago, I myself got fed up of blanking all the time after several visits.  I have tried most lures sizes and types.
 I don't know what it is but no one is prepared to tell you the good spots were they have caught fish.  You get replies of how to fish the canal which is greatl appreciated but no info spots or stretches to go and try.  Would be appreciated in getting something positive.  

Yeah I am finding it hard going too. Tried for hours all that is mentioned above - several jig colours/sizes, drop shot - even with micro fry rubbers and small hooks, under overhanging trees, around several locks. 
I had not a nibble for several hours. I know thats fishing sometimes but I have blanked too many times now. Spoke to one guy who reckoned he only gets hits more towards Leamington from the Radford stretch. Unless he is trying to put me off!

Also, has anyone caught from within a shut lock? Tried that several times as I thought fish must get trapped in right?

Any advice would be great.


The zander are all along the stretch. There are no big secret hotspots, just lots of likely spots around the usual structure ie locks, bridges, boats, reeds, overhanging trees etc. They move in shoals so keep moving until you find them. 

Fishing has been really hard on all canals for almost two months now. Fish have been getting ready to spawn and temperatures have been all over the place.
People are unwiling to talk about good places on forums because every Tom, Dick and Harry will be there the next day. All 'hot spots' are hot for a short time as predators respond very much quicker to being caught than carp, bream or roach.

Sometimes the best way of catching is to to avoid the obvious spots.
How about coming along to one of the 'Friendly Fish ins'? Lots information and techniques to be found there .....
Don't give up!
In terms of technique to maximise catching anything I find drop shotting with a small hook (10/12/14s) and small lure. (Fox Fry or Tiddlers and the like work well). Use an appropiate weight for the rod you are using (2-5g) and place the hook about 8 inches above the weight. There are loads of DS videos on You Tube to give you an idea as to the technique. Once you start catching tweek the method until you find a way to catch more. I've had pike, zander, chub, carp, ruffe, bream, hybrids, roach, rudd and thousands of perch doing this.
It might not catch you the biggest fish in the water but it will catch something.
Once we get into the Summer fish will be more prepared to take jigged lures.




Recently I found a good spot arround Bascot locks. At my last two sessions I've caugt few nice zanders and even an eel there. Lures seems to not working for me so start doing more float and deadbaiting recently so keep trying new methods and spots.
I can't understand why people hiding fishing spots, the purpose of the forums is to share info. The canal and the fish are not my private property so I can't se any reason why I have to keep good spots in secret.

Are you the guy I chatted to as you were getting out of your car a couple of weeks ago there? Well done on the capture.

I have finally had some success by just persevering like others have said to do. Found a lovely spot - a nearside overhang. Cast several times with a dropshot until I
 had a lovely perch of just over a pound. I moved off as I thought I must've disturbed them. After walking the towpath a bit I decided to go back to the same spot before packing up, I had another perch slightly bigger casting there again! Annoyingly had no scales and my phone battery had died for pictures but I was very pleased as I prefer the perch to zander, not sure why.

Can't wait to get out again now I've found what works. I think it might be good to post a picture of a lock so people can comment where they have had fish from, as I'm never sure where they are hanging out. I did lose one from the top of the sluice bit next to the lock (not sure of the technical term) again, an overhang created by the concrete 'lip'. Again after 20 casts to the same spot....



Yes I remember you.
Can sit and watch the  float for an hour, but I don't have the patiens to cast a lure in the same spot for an hour.
Probably this is why I can't get any fish on the lures, just don't have the right mindset.
The exact spot is Bascote bottom lock where the overflow creates a current holds good zanders and the reed beds at the opposite bank wich is also a good spot to check.

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