Who will win the 2018 individual crown?

Booking is now open for the individual championship at Warwick on Saturday, October 20.

No need for partners this time. Fish solo for the right to follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner Richard Haines and be crowned the LACC’s individual champion for 2018.

The top 16 anglers also qualify for the keenly contested matchplay competition in which anglers go head-to-head Ryder Cup-style at selected waters. Any places not taken up for the matchplay go to the next best-placed anglers, so there’s plenty to fish for on the day.

The match stretch will be from Grand Union bridge 54 at Hatton down to bridge 44 Myton Road, Leamington.


Vidar and Alan take the right turn to win round 3

Team No Name of Vidar Thomassen and Alan Brown ran home comfortable winners after amassing 820cm of perch and zander in round 3 of the pairs league held at Warwick.

While most teams headed south  along the canal towards Leamington to fish water they already knew well, Vidar and Alan headed north towards Hatton to fish a stretch featuring in the competition for the first time. The pair finished up with 33 fish.

It proved a good decision with the rest left to compete for runners-up slots. Another four teams posted more than 500cm, including second-placed Canalmasters of Mike McGuire and Richard Haines (567cm) and third-placed No Wasps Here of Steve Wilson and Derek Holmes (554cm).

It was a particularly good day for the Canalmasters who picked up 10 bonus points for biggest pike (58cm) and biggest perch (34cm), both to the rod of Mike McGuire.

Largest zander of 55cm was caught by Daryn Pahl of Mombakkies.

The results saw Canalmasters move several places up the overall table to share top spot with No Wasps Here.

Round 3 results

  1. Team no name                            820
  2. Canalmasters                              567
  3. No Wasps Here                           554
  4. Snoek Baar Stars                        519
  5. Trentside predator angling        505
  6. UK Lures                                       457
  7. Brummies                                    303
  8. Mombakkies                               293
  9. SHUK                                            279
  10. El Solitario                                  265
  11. VampireS                                   201
  12. Leigh Lure Anglers                   192
  13. Lock Busters                             189
  14. Perchinators                              144

Latest table

  1. Canalmasters                                               45
  2. No Wasps Here                                            45
  3. Snoek-Baar Stars                                         42
  4. Team No Name                                            38
  5. Weapons of Match Destruction                35
  6. Trentside Predator Angling                        34
  7. Mombakkies                                                 25
  8. Leigh Lure Anglers                                       19
  9. Lockbusters                                                  15
  10. UK Lures                                                      14
  11. Brummies                                                    10
  12. Perchinators                                                10
  13. Team SHUK                                                 10
  14. Dad n Lad                                                      5
  15. The River-Soarpranos                                 5
  16. VampireS                                                      5
  17. C? S?                                                              0
  18. Gunki Monkeys                                            0
  19. Keeping it Reel                                             0
  20. SSLA1                                                            0
  21. Team Smashing It                                       0

Gunki Munkis strike big for second year in a row

The Gunki Munkis of Tom Andrews and Dave Burgess proved their big-fish-hunting class for the second year in a row by winning the LACC specimen challenge.

Eight teams of two set off from The Leopard in Bishops Tachbrook to fish for the two biggest zander and two biggest perch on any of the LACC waters.

It was a close-run thing at the top with just three centimeters separating the top three teams. Zander of 50cm and 53cm did the trick for Tom and Dave as they finished with 159cm.

Biggest zander of the day at 59cm went to Adam Brooks of second-placed River Soarpranos.

Biggest perch at 36cm was caught by John Cheyne of 2 Blokes Fishing.

Every team caught at least two perch and two zander.

Next competition is the Warwick leg of the pairs league on September 30. Book here.

Full results

  1. Gunki Munkis 159cm
  2. River Soarpranos 158cm
  3. Team No Name 156cm
  4. Canal Masters 141cm
  5. Pure Lure 138cm
  6. 2 Blokes Fishing 129cm
  7. No Wasps Here 117cm
  8. Busbys 115cm



Entries open for pairs league round 3 at Warwick

Entries are now open for round 3 of this year’s pairs league, which takes place on Sunday, September 30, on our premier stretch of canal in Warwick.

And this year’s Warwick event has a new twist. The club has special permission to fish the canal between our stretches at Warwick and Hatton Locks on the day of the competition.

It means the competition stretch will go from bridge 54 at Hatton Locks down to bridge 44 at Myton Road, Leamington. As usual, there will be no fishing by competitors between September 21 and the match.

Entry is £5 per team of two. Book here now.




Tickets are now available for the Lure Anglers Canal Club Specimen Challenge on Sunday, September 16.

Teams of two anglers will compete to see who can catch the best combined length of the two biggest zander and two biggest perch in a roving competition across all of LACC waters.

We’ll meet at the Leopard Inn, Bishops Tachbrook, in the morning and return later in the day for a finger buffet at the pub and prize-giving.

Entry is £20 per team. Buy tickets here.


The full list of remaining events for 2018/19 is:

  • Sunday, Sept 16 – Specimen Challenge
  • Sunday, Sept 30 – Pairs League, Warwick
  • Saturday, October 20 – Individual Championship (matchplay qualifier)
  • Saturday, November 10  – Pairs League, Radford
  • Sunday, November 25 – Predator Pairs (open match)
  • Sunday, December 9 – Christmas Bash
  • Sunday, February 17 – Pairs League and AGM, Knowle

Events are for members only with the exception of the Predator Pairs. Watch out for detailed announcements about each event.

John and Gary take the honours as zeds show at Blue Lias

It was a glorious day to be out on the Grand Union Canal today with not a wedding in sight and plenty of fish on the feed.

Round 2 of the pairs league was held on the club’s Blue Lias stretch. Zander were showing well with the 15 teams sharing 60 zander between them, including 5 50cm-plus specimens. Perch were not so plentiful, but the day also saw 3 pike, 2 chub and 2 ruffe caught. Every team caught and scored points towards the league.

Clear winners were the Snoek-Baar Stars of John Cheyne and Gary Palmer who returned 14 zander, 6 perch and a pike for 529cm. Second were No Wasps Here, Steve Wilson and Derek Holmes, with 371cm made up of 7 zander, 2 chub and a perch, and third were Team No Name of Vidar Thomassen and Alan Brown with 6 zander, including 4 50cm-plus fish, and a perch for 339cm.

Biggest zander went to Vidar with 57cm. Biggest pike of 41 cm fell to the Mombakkies’ Greg Canter, and biggest perch of 27cm to the Lockbusters’ Karl Olasz.

Today’s results

Snoek-Baar Stars 529
No Wasps Here 371
Team No Name 339
Trentside Predator Angling 318
Weapons of Match Destruction 268
Canalmasters 265
Lockbusters 221
Team SHUK 217
Brummies 216
Mombakkies 187
UK Lures 161
Perchinators 159
Leigh Lure Anglers 143
The River-Soarpranos 83
Dad n Lad 51

It all leaves the league table finely poised at the top with just 4 points separating the top 3 teams.

Next round is on September 30 on our prolific Warwick stretch.

Latest table

Potto blows field away in round 1 of pairs league

Tom and Jamie were inaugural winners of the coveted new whisky tumblers

There was a great turnout for the first round of this year’s LACC pairs league with 18 teams taking to the Grand Union Canal at Hatton Locks.

The fishing proved tough. Not a single perch was landed and the honours went to teams able to find and target some of the quality zander in this stretch.

Team Weapons of Mass Destruction of Jamie Potts and Tom Knight blew everyone else out of the water with a phenomenal 350cm of zander, all caught by Jamie. Jamie’s catch included two 62cm fish and a 58cm fish.

A long way behind in second were Steve Wilson and Derek Holmes of No Wasps Here with 119cm, including bonuses, made up of two zander of 46cm and 48cm. Third place went to Lee Perry and Paul Danby of Trentside Predator Angling with three zander for 115cm. Only seven teams caught on the day.

Full scoring results:
Weapons of Match Destruction 350cm
No Wasps Here 119cm
Trentside Predator Angling 115cm
Snoek-Baar Stars 66cm
Canalmasters 60cm
Leigh Lure Anglers 59cm
Mombakkies 58cm

Round 2 of the pairs league takes place at the Blue Lias on May 19.

Table after round 1

Last day of the season “Nail-biter”

What a final day of the season ! The Pairs League was amazingly close with just 1 point between the top 3 teams ! Full results to follow, but huge congrats to The CanalMasters Mike and Richard for a well deserved victory…..JUST! Commiserations to defending champions Vidar & Alan and the form team of the last two matches Leo and Carl who came equal second and were pipped to the title by just one point ! Also great to see Jamie Potts picking up his Matchplay Trophy. 


Jamie Potts was chuffed to bits to pick up the Matchplay Championship Trophy

No Fishing at Lowsonford between 15/02 and 24/02

To help to ensure a succesful end to our 2017/18 season, we have decided to close our Lowsonforf stretch to fishing between now and the last match of ther Pairs League/AGM on 24th February. We would ask that members fish our other waters during this period. 

I would remind you that if you would like to enter the final match of the pairs league or attend the AGM then you can register online HERE

If you still haven’t renewed your membership for the 2018/19 season then you can also do that HERE

We would also remind all members that when fishing at the marina at Wootten Wawen that utmost care must be taken to avoid hitting boats and ropes with lures. If you do manage to hook a boat or a rope, please contact the marina staff who will give you access to retreive your lure, they have had a number of issues with staff and customers injuring themsleves on lures stuck in ropes and will be grateful that you have asked to retrieve your lure.

Tight Lines


We are pleased to announce that you can now sign up as a member of the Lure Anglers Canal Club for the 2018/19 season which starts on March 1st 2018.

What’s more we have just received notification that we have secured a lease on the Hatton Locks stretch of the Grand Union Canal for the coming season, so all members will be able to fish between bridges 52 (Ugly Road Bridge) and Bridge 62 in addition to all our other waters. This takes our combined length of canal fishing to well over 30 miles. (Click HERE for a full list of all our other waters)

We will also be running a whole host of matches and events during the coming season, including our ever popular Pairs League, Our Individual Championship, The FA Cup style Matchplay Champs and our great fun Specimen Challenge.

So what are you waiting for ? Head over to our lovely new look website and sign up for the 2018/19 season today. It’s the be

st value £20 in the whole of lure fishing !


Pairs League Round 4 Report

The 4th round of our Pairs League was held at Hatton Locks as a guest venue, ahead of the possibility of us taking on the stretch for the new season. Low temperatures in the weeks leading up to the match meant that catches were likely to be low and that is how it proved, with some of our established “stars” finding the going very tough, while others managed to grind out a decent number of fish. However amongst the blanks and the cold fingers there were also some terrific fish caught.  A strategy that saw them spend very little time fishing the lock pounds and instead concentrating on the canal above led to a deserved victory for Carl and Leo as Team SHUK lead the way with 13 fish for a total of 251cm including bonuses. Potto chipped in with a cracking best Zed of 51cm, Felix had a chunky best perch of 36cm and Karl had the only pike of the day at 58cm all of which earned their teams an extra 5 bonus points.