About US/Club Rules

Welcome to the website of the Lure Anglers Canal Club.

The club was formed to provide a club water for like minded lure anglers as well as local anglers.

We pride ourself on being a friendly club full of approachable, considerate anglers. We try to be as inclusive as possible and welcome members who wish to fish in more traditional styles.

We run competitions and events for lure anglers and open our waters for other clubs to book traditional fishing matches.

We have nearly 30 miles of fantastic canal fishing in Warwickshire.


Club Rules

  • All members must posses a valid EA Rod License.
  • All members must be courteous and friendly to other canal users and those using the towpath at all times.
  • Members must not drop litter or cut down or damage trees or shrubs.
  • All members must use suitable tackle and unhooking equipment.
  • Members should carry their membership card and rod license at all times and be prepared to show them to another member of the club or C&RT official on request.
  • No fish to be permanently removed from the water.
  • No night fishing near habited buildings and boats.
  • All under 14s to be directly supervised by an adult.
  • Only one rod to be used when fishing the marina at Wootton Wawen.


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