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For Season 2023/24, membership of the club costs £22 per year (£24 families) and runs from March 1st 2023 – Feb 29th 2024. This entitles you to fish all of our waters and to enter club competitions. You can renew your membership from Feb 1 in any year. New  members joining for the first time in January or February have an expiry date of the end of February of the following year.

By applying to join the club and paying your subs, you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the club, which can be seen HERE. The club committee reserves the right to reject applications to join the club and return any money paid.

You will not receive a physical membership card. Instead, we will send you a digital card, which you can either print out or keep on a mobile device.

Join the LACC

You can log in at any time to check your membership status or to re-send your membership card.

Check my membership status or send myself a copy of my membership card.


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