Pairs League

The LACC Pairs League

The Pairs league is open to all LACC members and is a fun friendly competition that is fished for throughout the season. There are 5 rounds in total, but only each teams best four results count towards the final league table. The competition is suitable for anglers of all standards and everyone is made to feel welcome, so why not team up with another member and enter the league this year, it’s a lot of fun and we can almost guarantee that your skills will improve as you fish the matches.

The current Champions are: No Wasps Here – Derek Holmes and Steve Wilson

Pairs league dates 2019/20

Sat March 16 pairs 1 at Hatton
Sat June 8 pairs 2 at Blue Lias
Sat Sep 28 pairs 3 Warwick
Sat Nov 2 pairs 4 Radford
Sat Feb 15 pairs 5 and AGM Lowsonford


Entry to each round of the competition will cost £5.00 per team (payable in advance via our website).
Fishing is with lures only.
The league will be competed over 5 matches, with each teams best 4 results counting towards the final league table.
Each angler may only fish with one rod at a time. (although they may carry as many rods as they wish)
Each anglers may only use one lure at a time (no multi-lure rigs).
All teams must photograph all fish caught on the fish measure provided ( on an unhooking mat) and with their competitors card in the picture using a camera or phone which allows photos to be viewed
All anglers must carry an unhooking mat and net.
The winners of each round will be decided by which team catches the longest combined length of perch, pike Zander and Ruffe.
There will also be a bonus of 25cm given to each team for each different species of qualifying fish they catch (ie. if you manage to catch at least one perch, pike and zander then your team will get a 75cm bonus).

No keeping of fish in landing nets and continuing to fish. all fish must be measured and photographed as soon as they are caught and then immediately released. the penalty for breaching this rule is disqualification.

Points will be awarded to the top six teams at each event as follows:

1st – 20 points

2nd – 16 points

3rd – 13 points

4th – 11 points

5th – 10 points

6th – 9 points

All other teams who catch will be awarded 5 points

Each team will be allowed to use one substitute angler on two occasions during the duration of the league competition, so if your partner is unavailable, you can fish with a substitute partner on a maximum of two occasions.

In the event of a tie between any of the top 3 teams at the end of 5 rounds, the winning team will be the team that had the most round wins. If teams are still tied it will be decided by which team gained the most number of points from all 5 rounds combined.

The longest perch and zander caught at each event will also earn their team an extra 5 points.

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