Matchplay rules

The Lure Anglers Canal Club Matchplay Championship

This is a singles competition for those who qualified to compete by coming in the top 16 places in our individual championship. It is run in a round-by-round FA Cup-style knockout format.

All entrants will be vying to win the title of LACC Matchplay Champion.

There is no entry fee for this competition

Entry is for LACC members only who have qualified via our individual championship.

As you will be fishing alone with another club member this competition is for over 18s only for safeguarding reasons.

The draw for each round takes place on Random Result. You will be allocated a starting point for your match from one of the numbered starting points.

All competitors must agree a date for their match within seven days of the draw taking place. If competitors cannot agree a suitable date for the match to be fished then it should be referred to the club committee who will decide if either party has not made a reasonable effort to agree a date. If they decide that this is the case then they reserve the right to award the tie to the other competitor. If the tie cannot be fished and neither party is judged to be in the wrong, the tie will be decided by the toss of a coin, by the committee.

You should sign up to the dedicated LACC Matchplay Facebook page and post details of your match –

All matches should be competed over six hours.

The winner of each match will be the competitor who catches the longest combined length of fish measured to the tip of the tail and rounded up. The following fish count: pike, zander, ruffe, chub, perch.

All fish should be measured and size agreed in the presence of your opponent. Opponents must stop fishing and take the time to help you measure and record the fish caught accurately and sign off the fish as it is caught. Neither angler should begin fishing again until this is complete.

Each angler may only fish with one rod at a time, although they may carry as many rods as they wish.

Each angler may only use one lure at a time. No multi-lure rigs.

All anglers must carry an unhooking mat and net.

Both anglers should normally fish no closer than 3-4 metres apart and no further than 30 metres apart and should not cast across each other. However, anglers are expected to share swims fairly and not block an opponent. In tight spaces such as locks and bridges, you can fish closer together and share the feature.

The first angler drawn in the tie will decide where to fish and when to move for the first 3 hours of the match. The angler drawn second will decide for the 2nd 3 hours of the match. You should take turns to decide who fishes which side of a bridge, lock or marina entrance irrespective of who is leading the match at the time.

All matches MUST start from their designated starting point. Anglers can only move about on foot and should use no other form of transport during the match.

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