Derek takes kingfisher trophy with 624cms

Warwick once again showed why it is the LACC’s premier match fishing stretch as the top ten anglers in today’s individual championship all returned more than 300cms.

The best three results all came from anglers who headed towards the Leamington end. Derek Holmes took the kingfisher trophy with 23 perch and two zander for a total of 624cm. Last year’s champion Richard Haines was runner-up with 519cm. Steve Wilson was third with 492cm.

Biggest fish of the day was a 56cm zander that fell to the rod of fifth-placed Greg Canter.

The top 16 all qualify for the LACC matchplay where individual anglers go head to head in a straight knockout competition to find the matchplay champion.

Full results

1. Derek Holmes 624cm
2. Richard Haines 519cm
3. Steve Wilson 492cm
4. Balint Koder 419cm
5. Greg Canter 411cm
6. Tom Andrews 377cm
7. Mike McGuire 349cm
8. John Cheyne 343cm
9. Vidar Thomassen 334cm
10. Gary Palmer 318cm
11. Alan Brown 274cm
12. John Smith 136cm
13. Chris Mugan 130cm
14. Adam Brooks 127cm
15. Joel Kempson 110cm
16. Jared Cleary 87cm
17. Felix Hay 70cm
18. Mike Busby 66cm
19. Rob Busby 57cm

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