Book now for the 2023 Predator Pairs open on November 26

The Lure Anglers Canal Club Predator Pairs competition is open to all lure anglers fishing in teams of two and will be held on the Lure Anglers Canal Club’s stretch of the Grand Union Canal between Hatton and Stockton on Sunday, November 26.

The best 4 zander and best 4 perch from each team will count towards the team’s overall total. No other species will count. This is an open match. You do not need to be a member of the LACC to enter.

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There will be trophies for the teams who come first, second and third as well as trophies for best perch and best zander. The six anglers from the top three teams will share cash prizes.


All teams are welcome to practise on the LACC canal stretch before the match as long as they buy day tickets if they are not LACC members. Day tickets can be purchased on this website.

NOTE: the stretch between bridge 52 below Hatton and bridge 51 at Warwick is available to members under an agreement with the rights owner, but non-members may be asked to buy an additional day ticket on the bank when practising.

Teams must not fish the entire competition stretch between Friday November 17 and the start of the competition on Sunday, November 26. This is to give the competition area a rest on the lead-up to the big day.


Parking is at the end of Welton Road Warwick CV34 5PZ.

7.45am: registration and free bacon rolls and coffee served

Teams must attend registration in pairs. All teams must present a valid rod licence for both team members at registration. Failure to do this will result in your team being unable to fish in the event. Please also show your match fishing measure. Please make sure you arrive at registration by 8.20am at the latest.

8.30 am competition briefing and photo

This will be a quick round-up of the rules to ensure everyone is aware of how the event works. Plus a photo of all competitors.

8.40am: competitors can depart on foot or in cars

9am: fishing starts on the bank

3pm: fishing finishes on the bank

Photos of all fish caught by teams in prize-winning positions will be verified.

3.30pm Prizegiving.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. There will also be awards for the biggest zander and biggest perch.

3.45pm: social in the pub

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The match is lure fishing only

No groundbait or pre-baiting of any type is allowed

All competitors must be in possession of a valid rod licence

Teammates may not fish more than 30 yards apart

Competitors may carry a maximum of three rods each but may only use one at a time.

Only one lure should be used at any time by each competitor. No multi-lure rigs allowed.

This is a roving match and competitors can fish anywhere between bridge 54 at Hatton and bridge 23 Stockton Road, Stockton. Use of cars is allowed.

This is a friendly match, please respect your opponents and don’t fish within 10 yards of another team unless you have been invited to do so.

All competitors must carry a measure suitable for match fishing. It should have a solid plate raised at a right angle at zero and have clearly visible measurements in centimetres. If in doubt, please show your measure to the organisers. We will have a limited number of measures for those who don’t have their own or don’t have a suitable one. You must also carry a landing net and pliers/forceps.

All teams must have at least one unhooking mat.

All fish caught must be unhooked on an unhooking mat and then photographed on the fish measure . Team mates must stop fishing when their partner has caught a fish and help with the photography process to speed things up and avoid fish being out of the water for too long. Fish are measured to the tip of the tail and measurements are rounded up to the nearest centimetre ie 20.1cm is recorded as 21cm. Photos must be taken from directly above the fish. The nose of the fish must be visible against the start of the measure and the tail must be fully visible to the right. Unclear photos will be disqualified. If in doubt, retake your photo.

All competitors MUST be civil and friendly to ALL other canal users during the event.

The winners will be the team that catch the longest combined length of their longest 4 zander and 4 perch.

The competition organiser’s judgement is final. In the event of a tie the winning team will be decided by who caught the longest zander (including increments of a centimetre). If there is still a tie, it will be decided by longest perch, and then by the second biggest zander and second biggest perch and so on.

Prizes for the longest zander and longest perch caught on the day will be decided by increments of centimetres in the event of a tie.

No drinking of alcohol or taking of drugs before or during the match. Any competitor deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be disqualified and asked to leave the water.

By entering the competition you agree to abide by the club and competition rules of the Lure Anglers Canal Club and accept that you take part in this event at your own risk.

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