Time to book round four of the pairs league on the Stratford and Grand Union canals

Booking is open for round four of the 2022-23 pairs league on our South Stratford stretch of canal and on the northern end of our main stretch of the Grand Union Canal.


The match will be held on the whole of our Stratford Canal stretch and between Grand Union Bridge 54 Hatton Locks car park and Lock 25 Cape Top Lock and between Shrewley Tunnel and Bridge 62 Rowington on Saturday December 3. The canal will be split into five sections. Note, section 4 boundaries have changed from the last match as the previous section 4 has been fishing poorly. Fishing in section 4 will now be down from Hatton Locks to Cape Top Lock. Teams will be drawn between sections and will compete to win their section and the overall match.

We will meet at Stratford-upon-Avon parkway, Bishopton Lane CV37 0RJ. It’s a large car park, so we’ll gather at the railway station end to the west.  

The water will be closed for practising from Friday, November 25.

See full details of the format and rules and point-scoring.

NOTE: We will be using the Score Fishing app to record fish captures, lengths and photos.

If you do not already have the app, you must download it and register with Score Fishing before the match. There is a one-off fee of £1.99 for the app. There is more information about how Score Fishing works on the website http://www.scorefishing.com and a video that shows how it works at the bottom of the pairs league page on this website.


Pairs league round 4, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Saturday December 3, 2022, 8am

8am – Meet at Stratford-upon-Avon parkway.

8.15am – Briefing

8.25am – Competitors can head off to sections on foot or in car

9am – Fishing starts

3pm – Fishing ends on towpath and competitors return to Stratford on foot or in car

3.30pm – results and prize-giving

The match will be held on the following sections of canal:

Section 1: South Stratford Lock 50 Wilmcote bottom lock to Neals Bridge 58.

Section 2: Neals Bridge 58 to Bridge 53 Wootton Waven

Section 3: South Stratford Bridge 47 Old Warwick Road to Bridge 38 Broom Hall Bridge

Section 4: Grand Union Bridge 54 Hatton Locks car park to Lock 25 Cape Top Lock (note change to the section from last time)

Section 5: Grand Union Shrewley Tunnel to Bridge 62 Rowington.

Check the CR&T map for exact locations of the section boundaries

Teams will be drawn to fish a particular section. There will be a minimum of four pairs to a section. For example, if 12-15 pairs enter, they will be drawn between sections 1, 2 and 3. If 16-19 pairs enter, they will be drawn between sections 1, 2, 3 and 4. If 20 or more pairs enter, they will be drawn between sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Where a bridge forms the boundary to a section, teams from both sections may fish under the bridge. However, you should not cast out into the next or preceding section. Where a lock forms the boundary, the first section ends above the lock and the second section starts below it.

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