Booking open for round 1 of the new season’s pairs league

Booking is open for round one of the 2023-24 pairs league on more than ten miles of our stretch of the Grand Union Canal.


The match will be held between bridge 54 at Hatton and lock 18 Welsh Road, on Saturday April 29. The canal will be split into four sections. Teams will be drawn between sections and will compete to win their section and the overall match.

Read full details of the format and rules and point-scoring.

The water will be closed for practising from Friday, April 21.

Note: we will be back to paper-based scoring for this match. Teams will be expected to photograph their score sheet at 2pm and send it to competition headquarters either via the LACC Facebook Messenger account or by email to


Pairs league round 1, Warwick.

Saturday April 29, 2022, 7am

7am – Registration in car park at the end of Welton Road.

7.15am – Competition Briefing

7.25am – Competitors can head off to sections on foot or in car

8.00am – Fishing starts

2.00pm – Fishing ends on towpath and competitors return to Welton Road on foot or in car. Scoresheets must be photographed at 2pm and sent into competition HQ straight away.

2.45pm – results and prize-giving

The match will be held on the following sections of canal:

Section 1: Grand Union bridge 54 Hatton down to Lock 25 Cape Top lock.

Section 2: Lock 25 Cape Top Lock to bridge 44 Myton Road, Leamington.

Section 3: Bridge 44 Myton Road to bridge 34 Offchurch Lane, Radford Semele

Section 4: Bridge 34 Radford Semele to lock 18 Welsh Road

Check the CR&T map for exact locations of the section boundaries

Teams will be drawn to fish a particular section. There will be a minimum of four pairs to a section. For example, if 12-15 pairs enter, they will be drawn between sections 1, 2 and 3. If 16 or more pairs enter, they will be drawn between sections 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Where a bridge forms the boundary to a section, teams from both sections may fish under the bridge. However, you should not cast out into the next or preceding section. Where a lock forms the boundary, the first section ends above the lock and the second section starts below it.

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